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Building Spotify

August 02, 2019 — Sifr Nihilum

I have taken to listening to music, pretty much all the time. I realize this isn't news, I think in this day and age that's the standard. I have a pretty large amount of storage on my phone, so I tend to just use that. Chuck a random selection of mp3's on and out the door.

The problem I have with this is my tastes are varied and many. By default I tend towards various forms of extreme metal, but on occassion I like a little nerdcore, and once in a while a vast amount of electroswing. Heck, I have been known to listen to some regular rap if the mood strikes. Selecting for my tastes of the day is near to impossible, since they change depending on what i'm doing at any one time. So I turned to streaming platforms. Spotify, Youtube Music, Pandora... I've tried a fair few, and they all have their ups and downs.

The main down to streaming platforms is the platform, since like everything online, they like to listen to what you like to listen to, and build you a nice profile somewhere. The other down is that they don't have a clue what good music is. By which I mean, obviously I like certain things. I dislike other things. My tastes are not always logical or reasonable. I like 90's rock, but I can't stand the smashing pumpkins. Spotify does NOT grasp this idea. It gets very confused when I listen to stuff from around that period, and then keep skipping Smashing Pumpkins. You can train it a little bit, but it never quite learns. Youtube music is worse, for some reason it REALLY wants me to listen to Nikki Minaj. I have no objection to her or her music philosophically, but I'd rather not.

So, I figured, I'll make my own. There are a few options for that. I have my raspberry pi with all my music on an external drive, so I tried to install some nice personal streaming platforms. Part the first, cherrymusic.


I like Cherrymusic a lot. It installs easy, it runs well, and most importantly it finds and plays my music collection instantly. I ran into issues setting up the reverse proxy for apache. It would load the site, but none of the content. No images, no style sheets, nothing. So I quit and figured we'd try something else. Why not ampache?


It looked nice, but it wouldn't install for me. I tried a few things, no go. So screw it. We'll try airsonic.


Okay, So this is more like it. I still can't get the reverse proxy thing working. I suspect it has something to do with mod_proxy_http?, I dunno. Maybe you're smarter than I. If you figure it out let me know. But I found another way. I can connect externally with my IP address, and just use the port, and it works just fine! I'm not sure I like it as much as I did cherry music, but it has multiple apps one can set up, and it works as intended, so for now this is where I am.

I'd be interested in any alternatives anyone might have. This works for now, but it feels clunky and somewhat rigged.

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