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Writing a color scheme.

July 23, 2019 — Sifr Nihilum

I'm not good at aesthetics. I like making my stuff match. I had everything dracula, but found it a little too... cartoony? I don't really know what I found off about it, there is nothing wrong with the scheme at all, but it didn't grab me. So I tried solarized. I like solarized, it has a dark and a light version, it's easy on the eyes, and it is well supported. I wanted something else though. Something more my own.

I started looking at all the different schemes, how they were made, how they were setup. It looked like hard work. Like I needed to know what I was doing. It was horrific. Then I stumbled on base16. It's not a color scheme, in itself, it's a color scheme theme. A way to easily make a scheme, and then apply it to various things. There are a LOT of themes listed, and they are all made in base16 style. I liked that. I thought I can do that!

I can't do that. I dunno colors. I tried. You can even see the first draft! It needs a lot of work. I wanted to make something art deco style. I'm kinda into the 20's. It seems like a fun time. But my color skills have left me. Well. Honestly I never had color skills. Pretty sure I failed art in school. Still. I might keep working on it. I'd like to at least give it a good try. If I can get it up and running and then get it listed on the base16 github, I'll finally feel like I made it! Hah.

Tags: art-deco, theming, terminal, command-line, solarized, dracula