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Writing a color scheme.

July 23, 2019 — Sifr Nihilum

I'm not good at aesthetics. I like making my stuff match. I had everything dracula, but found it a little too... cartoony? I don't really know what I found off about it, there is nothing wrong with the scheme at all, but it didn't grab me. So I tried solarized. I like solarized, it has a dark and a light version, it's easy on the eyes, and it is well supported. I wanted something else though. Something more my own.

I started looking at all the different schemes, how they were made, how they were setup. It looked like hard work. Like I needed to know what I was doing. It was horrific. Then I stumbled on base16. It's not a color scheme, in itself, it's a color scheme theme. A way to easily make a scheme, and then apply it to various things. There are a LOT of themes listed, and they are all made in base16 style. I liked that. I thought I can do that!

I can't do that. I dunno colors. I tried. You can even see the first draft! It needs a lot of work. I wanted to make something art deco style. I'm kinda into the 20's. It seems like a fun time. But my color skills have left me. Well. Honestly I never had color skills. Pretty sure I failed art in school. Still. I might keep working on it. I'd like to at least give it a good try. If I can get it up and running and then get it listed on the base16 github, I'll finally feel like I made it! Hah.

Tags: art-deco, theming, terminal, command-line, solarized, dracula

A bit about me, and mine.

July 09, 2019 — Sifr Nihilum

I think I should probably let people know who I am. You're apparently reading my blog, you should probably know something about me aside from my penchant for crazed experiments.

I use linux, currently arch, but I'm not married to it. In general I prefer things that are not popular, just because it makes things more of an adventure. I never got an ipod like my friends. I owned the zune (And I still maintain it was by far and away a better mp3 player.) I tried Ubuntu, but found gnome to be horribly restricting and unpleasant. I spent some time in debian, switched to linux mint, and then installed gentoo. I say installed. I broke it almost instantly and instead jumped over to arch. It's important to note this isn't a complete list, and this happened over the course of about 10 years I think? Arch is my goto, gentoo my preference and void linux my midpoint. I'm expecting to go back to void sometime soon, but arch is working, so... BTW.

I tend to prefer the suckless philosophy. The first things I install on a new system are dwm, st, dmenu, surf, and tabbed. However, on this one I went a little wild. Running urxvt, herbstluftwm, rofi, and qutebrowser.

I'm quite proud of this install. I themed everything around the dracula color scheme, even setting the background to a nice image of darkwing duck, who for some reason matches the scheme perfectly. I'm used to just shoving everything through pywal and hoping it looks alright, but this one was a concerted effort in actual theming. It won't last. I'm horrible about system reinstalls.

I hang out on matrix as silentfoof, on mastodon as onesubtractone, and I even have an XMPP as

Mostly I play slime rancher and minecraft these days. It's not by choice, I have a daughter with an obsession with slimes and slime related things.

And that's me. Hopefully enough information to know where I'm coming from, but also not too much. I'm still reasonably obsessed with staying private.

Tags: introductions, herbstluftwm, arch-linux, gentoo-linux, void-linux, dracula