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August 15, 2019 — Sifr Nihilum

I bought a new domain name this week. The sole purpose of which was to set up a synapse server so I could have a private matrix chat ID.

Don't do that. Synapse is hard. I'm pretty sure once more I'm just not smart enough for it, and I intend on going back some day to try again, but for now I suggest just picking one of the suggested options on and rolling with it.

So I'm left with a domain that I wasn't using but that was paid for, for a year.

Waste not want not I always say, so I stuck a mastodon instance on it. Let me tell you, mastodon is an amazing bit of work. It took me five minutes to get it up, get myself an account and be federated. Not a moment wasted. I love it. Of course, I already HAVE a mastodon account, and barely enough content to fill that... So I don't expect it to last.

Plus, hosting is expensive! That instance will probably get nuked when I get the first bill. But for now, I'm enjoying being an admin somewhere. Hah.

Tags: federation, silentfoof, mastodon, matrix